Both Kate and Ruth have trained many people, in PT and class settings, with vastly different goals and experience levels. Here’s what some have to say…

Rochelle Coleman-Taylor

‘From the moment I stepped foot into the studio to do the HardCore HiiTBlast class I felt at ease. I’d never done the class before and didn’t know what to expect. Kate explained every exercise before we did it. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and I felt great after I’d finished it. Kate is a fantastic trainer and I’m looking forward to the next classes. 😊’ 

Jaimie Weir

‘I have really loved every single one of Kate’s classes. I trained with her throughout my pregnancy with her Mum-to-be bootcamp at Station 22 and then via Zoom during lockdown. As a new Mum I am not overly confident being out and about at the minute, but I thoroughly look forward to Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s. The group of ladies I train with are fab and it has been so nice to share stories and experiences with them. It’s the most socialising I’m doing at the minute, but love every minute of it. Kate puts so much thought into the planning of the sessions and she is so understanding to my current situation. Baby cries during session but that’s ok, no skiving, all exercises can be adapted to incorporate baby as a weight or resistance. Kate is very open and easy to talk to, she fully appreciates that these sessions may even just be a way to get out and about so you can take all exercises at your own pace or just bring a brew and sit and enjoy the fresh air and lovely surroundings of Stubblylee. I used to be a bit of a flake when it came to exercise, but now it’s something I really look forward to and feel like I get so much more out of it. Thanks for everything Kate, you are doing a superb job!’ 

Melissa Ratcliffe

‘Ruth is dedicated and always keeps us on our toes, literally!! She even accommodates family fitness too in the school holidays. Highly recommend her.’ 

Laura Wilkinson

‘I did mum to be fitness classes with Kate throughout my pregnancy. I enjoyed doing exercise throughout my pregnancy and feel it has been beneficial for me. Kate is very knowledgable and encouraging. You can work at your own pace and Kate will suggest alternative movements if you feel you need them. The classes are friendly and it was lovely to meet other mums to be. I would recommend the class for other pregnant ladies who want to keep fit and not worry about pushing themselves too hard. Thanks Kate!’

Kirsty Dimitrov

‘Ruth was my PT, she did me 3 different week planners in line with my targets and previous injuries. It kept it fresh an wasn’t mundane, easy to do on my own and review and change! absolute sound knowledge about fitness and health. would recommend time and again just wish I was still local to train with her!’

Hayley Sheppard

‘I’ve had Ruth help me in the past with PT sessions and she’s fab. She’s so friendly, puts you at ease and makes it so you can laugh through some of the pain together! She puts together really well structured sessions and makes it the exercises easy to understand and follow. Thanks Ruth xxx’

Becky Obersby

‘I did a class with Ruth on Friday at Primal Fitness, was great really enjoyed it. Can’t wait for the next one.’

Sarah-lou Wilson

‘I’m so thankful that I found Kate at the right time. She has helped me continue my journey of staying fit and healthy throughout my first pregnancy. As a person she is so friendly and approachable and as a PT she is extremely attentive, her programs are manageable but still challenging and really varied. Her prenatal knowledge and advice has given me confidence and strength. I strongly recommend her for support throughout your journey!’

Becky Smith

‘I was feeling so unfit and lazy. Struggling to exercise on my own. Working with Kate is great she is very supportive and motivates me to keep going. On my own I would just quit, she is showing me I can do more than I think. I’m sat here knackered after my 2nd PT session but it is definitely worth it. Just give them a try.’

Jo Brandrick

‘Fab personal training session today with the girls and our little ones during half term!!!! Fun and energetic for the kids, hardcore for us!!! Followed by lunch and a sleep for both of mine this afternoon, that never happens! Thanks Ruth!! Xx brilliant fun’

Claire Davies

‘I absolutely love Kate’s buggy bootcamp, she’s an amazing instructor a constant reminder to engage and stabilise my core which I need with my Diastasis Recti from pregnancy, she’s very knowledgeable giving safe exercises to perform and will offer alternatives or moderations. She’s always on hand to cuddle babies too.’

Charlotte Walmsley

‘Highly recommend buggy bootcamp. Kate has helped me get back into exercise after having a baby and made every session enjoyable. I’ve also really enjoyed meeting other mums and having coffee / picnics / gossips after bootcamp.’

Beth Dawson

‘A big thank you to Kate for helping me get fitter after having my baby. Kate’s buggy bootcamp and mum and baby bootcamp classes are highly recommended by me, they are challenging yet fun and I feel really good afterwards aswell! It’s also been lovely to make new friends, and sit and have a coffee in the park after buggy bootcamp! Really going to miss these classes since I’m going back to work soon. Kate is lovely and really cares, she is great with the babies too 💕 Really glad Kate started up these classes as they have made such a difference for me, thanks again Kate you have been fab!’ 

Rachel Ball

‘Fantastic group session this morning with Ruth and Kate. We were really put through our paces but Ruth and Kate were so knowledgeable and encouraging! we all absolutely loved it and would definitely recommend!’

Heather Doodson

‘I have been into exercise for 25 years, I’ve done many different classes and tried lots of PT’s. I have known Ruth for a couple of years and have had numerous PT sessions with her and she has done me gym programmes. She’s one of the best PT’s I have worked with. I would highly recommend Ruth, she has lots of knowledge, great work ethic, and will help you achieve yours goals whether it’s muscle gain or fat loss etc. All her sessions are fresh and different and I look forward to working with her again soon.’

Fiona Pope

‘I would recommend Kate as a Personal Trainer to all women! I’ve trained with Kate before and throughout my pregnancy and have enjoyed and benefited from every session. Her sessions are always varied, enjoyable and work on my whole body. I have had medical professionals comment on what great shape I am in at 8 months pregnant thanks to Kate! Can’t wait to continue training after I’ve had my baby!’

Clare Graham

‘I have been having personal training sessions with Kate for the last six months. The aim of my training is to build strength and lose weight.  I have achieved both. She has been training me with my niece, and has tailored sessions to suit both our preferences.  I have had a knee injury during this time and she has adapted the sessions to ensure that the knee was protected but still gave us an all over body workout.  I would strongly recommend Kate as a personal trainer as her friendly nature and knowledge of fitness has helped me on my quest.’

Clare Munster

‘I was a self-confessed cardio-queen up until I trained with Kate, I’d always been a frequent gym user but stuck to the CV machines and avoided the weights area like the plague. I hadn’t ever really been shown how to use or set-up the weights machines and I thought that lifting weights would make me big and bulky. Kate devised a full body programme for me to follow, including CV and weights and showed me how to use and set-up the equipment, which isn’t as difficult or daunting as it looks! Kate’s easy going and friendly approach made me feel comfortable, confident and more positive towards hitting my fitness and weight loss goals for my upcoming wedding – I won’t be spending hour after hour on the Cross Trainer again!’ 

Joanne Real

‘I’m thankful to Kate for her help, patience and understanding, for tailoring the right programmes to achieve my goals. When I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere she gave me the motivation, boost, switch up and positive outlook that I needed. Seven weeks in and I already feel great mentally and physically, the programmes are working and I’m really enjoying my gym sessions. Kate’s caring and considerate nature has put me completely at ease, I feel comfortable opening up and confiding in her, she’s more than an instructor, she’s a friend too.’     

Ruth Brooks

‘Kate is my sister, we regularly train together and both completed our level 3 PT qualifications around the same time. When studying and training Kate is encouraging, supportive and motivating. As sisters do, we often have differences of opinion as to what works best when it comes to training and different exercises, but it never comes to blows (our feuding days are way behind us!). Our training sessions always end up in fits of laughter and/or exercise challenges, with us both having a highly competitive streak wanting to outdo the other – I’m proud to say I’ve mastered pull-ups before her! Kate’s knowledgeable, friendly and fun, training sessions with her are always enjoyable (especially when I win!).’

Kate Brooks

‘Ruth is my sister, we often train together and completed our level 3 PT qualifications at the same time. We have both gone on to study different qualifications and disciplines, and so when we train together we bring different knowledge and experience. We learn from each other, as well as competing with each other… a bit of healthy competition is a good thing! Ruth always pushes me to lift heavier, when it comes to upper body, chest and shoulders, she can lift more than me… and that’s hard pill to swallow, her being the younger sister! Sessions are always fun and varied, and we always end up in fits of laughter.    

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