New – Bootcamp Bundles

Introducing the new… Bootcamp Bundle! Now on sale… a 6 x class bundle that allows you to book on a variety of classes, alongside Mum-to-Be and Mum & Baby Bootcamps.

I’m changing things up with my pre and post-natal bootcamps from February onwards, after the current courses… the change being that courses are being canned. Mum-to-Be and Mum & Baby Bootcamps will continue, same days and times… but they will be run as weekly classes, instead of 4-week courses. In which you can book sessions on a pay as you go basis or with a new bundle. Same vibe and ethos… to bring women together, to share the journey that is pregnancy and motherhood, but more flexibility and the option to mix it up a bit.

In the past I have been asked if there’s a pass to cover a range of classes when it comes to my pre and postnatal crew… as there’s nothing to stop you from coming to any of the classes I do. Specialising in this field, I’d always adapt exercises for you accordingly, whether you are pregnant or postnatal. Well… this is it!

There are two bundles available to purchase, both £30 with 6 x classes to use over a 6-week period.

Mum & Bump Bundle – for pregnant women to attend 6 x group exercise classes delivered by me. The bundle can be used across a variety of classes, including: Mum-to-Be Bootcamp, Mum & Baby Bootcamp, Buggy Bootcamp and Station 22 classes that are open to all.

Mum & Baby Bundle – for postnatal women to attend 6 x group exercise classes delivered by me. The bundle can be used across a variety of classes, including: Mum & Baby Bootcamp, Buggy Bootcamp and Station 22 classes that are open to all. 

With both bundles you must then book onto the classes you’d like to attend. Unlike courses, you are not automatically booked onto weekly sessions. Bookings for both the Mum-to-Be and Mum & Baby Bootcamp sessions can be booked 24hrs before a class. Bookings for Buggy Bootcamp and Station 22 classes can be booked further in advance. With all classes there is a 2hr cancellation policy, where you will be credited a class back. All classes have an attendance limit, so booking and bagging your spot is essential.

I would still encourage women to come to the pre and postnatal specific bootcamps, when you can. Creating those friendships is such a great thing. In all classes it’s as much about the social as it is the exercise… but feel free to mix it up too. These bundles give you the flexibility to use the class credits as you wish, doing more classes some weeks, missing others (which can and has been restrictive when doing weekly courses).

Click this link to find out more about the Station 22 classes you can attend with these bundles

Kate x

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Pre & Post Natal Bootcamps at Station 22 – enquiry / reservation

I’ll be starting back my studio based, face-to-face pregnancy and mum & baby bootcamps at Station 22 in Waterfoot, in mid-September. In-line with guidelines and time with other mum & baby groups getting back to the face to face sessions too…

I’ll be sharing these dates and opening bookings soon… if you’d like to be added to my reservation list for these classes and be notified with all the info about days/times/when bookings go live, get in touch and I’ll add you to my reservation/contact list.

Read more about my Mum-to-Be Bootcamp here

Read more about my Mum & Baby Bootcamp here

Complete the contact form below with your name and email address, and add a message in the comments box as to what class it is you’d like to be added to reservation/contact list for.

If you have any questions about these sessions, don’t hesitate to ask…

Kate x

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Full heart for the face-to-face

Web sizeI’ve been back teaching face-to-face for a fortnight and my heart is full! It has been the best first two weeks, and I have loved seeing old faces and meeting so many new. Buggy Bootcamp has been a blast, bringing mamas together and making mat leave fun and sociable, as it should be. And classes at Station 22 are off to a strong (and sweaty) start, 100% effort from all that have taken part.

Lockdown was the longest time, and it took its toll on everyone! Everyone rode the ‘Coronacoaster’ (worst rollercoaster EVER!), having highs and lows at different points… and the after effects are far from over yet… what it made all of us realise, is that people need people. That face to face interaction and socialising is everything (and something that we won’t take for granted again).

In terms of the after effects, fear and anxieties have hit an all-time high; so many unknowns, lack of leadership and direction… and the media… I won’t even go there (I’ll save my war on them for another day!).  The only way to tackle fear and anxiety is to face it head on, to do the things your anxious to do, bite the bullet and give it a go; don’t run from it or let it get the better of you, build up and let it become a bigger beast. Everyone has worries, anxieties, nerves (however you want to label it), including me. Going back to the face-to-face I had the initial fears of, ‘how do I act, what do I say, how do I be’, after so many months of hiding/teaching behind a screen… everything is like the first time in these times… we’re all in the same boat.

I have had messages from people saying that they want to take part in classes but are nervous, new to it, and not exercised in a long time (especially women that have recently had babies)… and have heard the same from people that are coming to classes, that their friends are saying the same to them too… fears and anxieties are getting the better of them.

So, here’s some of the comments and feedback from people that have come along in the first few weeks… hopefully these comments encourage those on the fence to give them a go, and help put minds at ease…

“From the moment I stepped foot into the studio to do the HardCore HiiTBlast class I felt at ease. I’d never done the class before and didn’t know what to expect. Kate explained every exercise before we did it. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and I felt great after I’d finished it. Kate is a fantastic trainer and I’m looking forward to the next classes 😊”

Rochelle Coleman-Taylor

“I’ve absolutely loved going to Buggy Bootcamp, it’s so lovely being able to talk to other mums, everyone is friendly and chatty. Everyone is working at a different pace, so you never feel like you’re not fit enough; we’re all at different stages. Noah has also enjoyed himself, getting to meet other babies and crawl around the park.”

Rachael Underhill       

“I’ve really enjoyed attending the classes at Station 22 for the first few weeks. Lots of modifications given for all abilities and no judgement/pressure if I’ve had to stop for a breather. Very friendly and supportive atmosphere.”

Charlotte Walmsley

“Absolutely loved being back with Kate and doing my first Buggy Bootcamp! It’s sooo nice to be back with other mums, out of the house at baby classes and more importantly, putting the gym kit on and getting the booty working hard through the exercises. Does the soul the world of good 🥰 Love Kate’s chilled style, varied exercises and the fact I get to do them with my little dude is the best thing ever.”

Megan Eastwood

“I’ve been doing classes with Kate at Station 22 on a Sunday, ‘Sweat the Sins’.  I was very anxious at first but she was welcoming and adapts all exercises to suit all levels of fitness during the class. I love going and don’t feel anxious at all. Thank you for the great classes 😊 anyone thinking of joining one of her classes, do it, you will feel great afterwards (and sweaty!).”

April Louise Talbot

“I’ve been going to Buggy Bootcamp with my 10 month old and the classes are so much more than I could have imagined! My little girl is entertained watching everyone else and the other babies. The ladies are all super lovely and Kate is so thorough through the class, constantly running through how we should be breathing and holding ourselves through each exercise. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone who is thinking about it to just take the plunge! Thanks Kate x.”

Kim McIntyre

“I have really enjoyed attending Kate’s classes at Station 22.  Kate is really welcoming, supportive and encouraging. Her classes are fun, varied and challenging with alternatives for all fitness levels.”

Karen Abraham

“I have really loved every single one of Kate’s classes. I trained with her throughout my pregnancy with her Mum-to-be bootcamp at Station 22 and then via Zoom during lockdown. As a new Mum I am not overly confident being out and about at the minute, but I thoroughly look forward to Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s. The group of ladies I train with are fab and it has been so nice to share stories and experiences with them. It’s the most socialising I’m doing at the minute but love every minute of it. Kate puts so much thought into the planning of the sessions and she is so understanding to my current situation. Baby cries during session but that’s ok, no skiving, all exercises can be adapted to incorporate baby as a weight or resistance. Kate is very open and easy to talk to, she fully appreciates that these sessions may even just be a way to get out and about so you can take all exercises at your own pace or just bring a brew and sit and enjoy the fresh air and lovely surroundings of Stubblylee. I used to be a bit of a flake when it came to exercise, but now it’s something I really look forward to and feel like I get so much more out of it. Thanks for everything Kate, you are doing a superb job!”

Jaimie Weir

“I absolutely love Buggy Bootcamp. I attended Kate’s Mum-to-Be Bootcamp when I was pregnant and became a Kate-fanatic! Her sessions are always brilliant in so many ways. Not only has it been such a great opportunity for me to meet other mums and get out (something lockdown hasn’t really allowed me to do), you also always get a great workout. Kate has an amazing ability to motivate you and support in just the right way. She is so knowledgeable, and all exercises are modified to cater for whatever level people are at. I would definitely recommend them to anyone thinking of giving them a go! 😊”

Arwa Berry  

“My little boy and I are really enjoying Kate’s sessions. They are planned specifically with new mums in mind, the group are really welcoming and the babies enjoy the social as much as the mums! It’s nice to do a baby class that focuses on us mums and our well-being too.”

Danielle Cowap

The biggest thank you for the fab and lovely feedback… and the biggest thank you to all who have joined me for all my face-to-face classes these first few weeks (and have to give a shout-out to all who joined me online for a looong-ass time in lockdown; you kept me sane). For me, the face-to-face will always come first; I am a massive people person and get energy and all the good vibes from you lovely lot. Every class I teach, seeing you smash those sessions, sweaty smiles and endorphin highs at the finish, bringing people together, friendships formed, good times and giggles… it’s just the best! 🥰 here’s to so much more of that…

For anyone that is unsure, nervous, anxious… I hope these comments encourage you. Show you that whatever your level and ability YOU CAN DO IT. No pressure, no expectations, you work at your level… getting started in anything is always the hardest bit, but once you take the leap and give it a go, you soon realise there was nothing to be nervous about at all. If you have ‘any’ questions, concerns, doubts about taking part… please do reach out, speak up and ask…

Hopefully see/meet lots more of you in class 😊

Kate x

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