Station 22 Classes

Kate’s Classes at Station 22

We’re back in the studio baby… face to face! All classes are now being delivered in the studio at Station 22.  As has been the case throughout Covid times, all classes delivered are in-line with guidelines… with all the necessary protocols in place.

Click this link to view and download the latest class timetable.

All classes are booked online via the GymCatch app.   

Now is the time to kick the lockdown slump to the curb! To exercise for body and mind, focus on the feel-good that endorphins give, and make positive and healthy changes to boost your well-being. 

Kate’s message and mantra to all class-goers and clients – to focus on the feel-good as much as you can, in all you do and consume. Get in tune with your mind and body, use feel-good as your focus and motivation, and all will fall into place. 

Join the crew and see how we motivate and support each other! This is the best thing about group exercise… it’s so much more than just exercise. Everyone is rooting for each other, a team effort and environment. We are each others biggest supporters, spurring each other on, every session. Everyone works at their level, no pressure or pretense… only support 100%.

A warm and welcoming vibe awaits… any newbies to the tribe will only ever feel like that for the first 5 minutes (if that) – we’re a lovely bunch!

Click this link to view and download the info pack for Station 22 classes


Below are the classes being delivered in the studio… the timetable will be reviewed on an ongoing basis in-line with attendance and demand.


  • Barbell BodySculpt – Monday @ 6.30pm – 7.15pm (45 mins)

This full-body barbell workout will burn calories, build strength, shape and tone your entire body! Using studio barbells, weight plates and bodyweight, you will work all major muscle groups. Expect to feel the burn, with a strong start to the week!

  • HiiTBlast – Monday @ 7.30pm – 8pm (30 mins)

This high intensity, high impact bodyweight workout will fire up the heart rate and metabolism helping you crush the calories. Using bodyweight exercises only, all the major muscle groups will get a blasting, using various high-intensity interval training techniques. HIIT is quick; fast paced and fierce. A workout that delivers all you want from a cardio workout, in a fraction of the time. Improved strength, cardiovascular fitness and lean muscle.


  • Kettlebell & Core – Tuesday @ 7pm – 7.45pm (45 mins) 

This full-body kettlebell workout will burn calories, build strength, shape and tone your entire body! Using a light to moderate weight kettlebell and high reps, you will work all major muscle groups. You get so much bang for your buck with kettlebells… it’s Kate’s fav class!


  • Legs, Bums & Tums – Wednesday @ 6.30pm – 7.15pm (45 mins)

This lower body and core focused workout will build strength, shape and tone your legs, glutes and core. Using various weights, exercise bands and step boxes, you will torch your tush and all the major lower body and core muscles. Disclaimer… stairs and sitting down on the toilet may be tough the next day. 😉

  • Circuits – Wednesday @ 7.30pm – 8.15pm (45 mins)

Circuit training is one of the best ways to improve all round fitness, conditioning the body, improving strength, tone and stamina. Completing a series of timed exercises, performed one after the other with minimal rest between stations, you get so much bang (sweat and burn) for your buck! Circuits is loved by the masses, for the variety, combining strength, cardio and core exercises, and the speed classes fly at.


  • Arms, Abs & Ass – Thursday @ 7pm – 7.30pm (30 mins)

This upper body and core focused workout will build strength, shape and tone your chest, back, arms, abs and ass. Using various weights, exercise/booty bands and bodyweight, you will build a burn in all the major upper body muscles and glutes. By overloading the muscles, lifting 2kg weights will feel like 20kg… I guarantee! High energy, awesome vibes… you’re guaranteed to leave with a mega endorphin high.


  • Sweat the Sins – Sunday @ 10am – 10.45am (45 mins)

This full-body workout will change up each week, the style of training and equipment used. All major muscle groups will get a blasting with a mix of strength, cardio and core. A workout to get you ready and raring for the week ahead (strong body, strong mind) and sweat out the weekend’s sins! 😉

High energy, awesome vibes… you’re guaranteed to leave with a mega endorphin high!

Note: exercise demonstrations and modifications will always be offered. Whatever your experience level and ability, you will get a good workout working at your level. If you’d like more information about a particular class, get in touch.

All classes are being delivered in-line with Covid-19 Guidelines. 

Prior to taking part in any class or PT session you MUST complete an online Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) & Informed Consent form. Click this link to view and complete the online PAR-Q        

Class Cost
£4 – 30 min class
£6 – 45 min class
£26 – monthly class membership (unlimited classes), MEGA savings if you are looking to get serious with sessions and attend multiple classes per week.

Details, booking and payment for all classes is now online. You will need to download the GymCatch app to view class info and make a booking. Find all the links and info, including a ‘how to’ booking tutorial below…

It’s time to exercise and socialise… get back to the face-to-face classes and focus on the feels… I cannot wait to meet and train you.

Kate x

Any questions or queries, get in touch…

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