Gentle Exercise for Older Adults – Rawtenstall Unitarian Church

New class starting Monday 20 June 2022 at Rawtenstall Unitarian Church – first / taster class free!

Meet new people, make friends, have fun – improve your health and well-being

It’s never too late to improve physical fitness, to start exercising and reap the rewards that being more active brings. Strength and balance exercise is a programme for older adults, centred around falls prevention. The aim to improve and build core strength and balance, so that people can remain active, mobile and independent for as long as possible.

Sessions incorporate a mix of chair based, standing and movement exercises, using bodyweight, exercise bands and light weights. All tailored to individual abilities, and modifiable so that people work within their capabilities – with no pressure. If people need to sit down the whole way through, that’s OK too.

Benefits of strength and balance training…

  • Improve and build strength in core and lower body.
  • Improve balance and coordination, reducing risk of falls.
  • Improve health, fitness and general well-being.
  • Build confidence and self-esteem.
  • Stay active, mobile and independent for as long as possible.
  • Socialise and form new friendships taking part in group sessions.

If you have a friend or relative that has had a fall or has a fear of falling and has subsequently become less social, active and independent and you feel would benefit from this group class, get in touch to find out more…

Class information…   

Location: Rawtenstall Unitarian Church – 34 Bank St, Rossendale, BB4 8DY
Day: Monday’s (starting on Monday 20 June 2022)
1pm – 2pm
£5 per session – first / taster session free

After the class you can stop on for a brew and biscuit too. These classes are as much about the social, as they are the exercise. 

To take part in this class you will need to complete a health questionnaire and must not be suffering with any contraindications (health conditions), which would mean exercising is not advised. If you are unsure, it’s always best to seek guidance from your GP first.

Contraindications that would mean exercise is not advised include:

  • A recent change in resting ECG
  • Recent myocardial infarction or acute cardiac event
  • Symptomatic severe aortic stenosis
  • Acute pulmonary embolus
  • Acute myocarditis or pericarditis
  • Suspected or known aneurysm
  • Resting systolic blood pressure >180mmHg and/or diastolic blood pressure >100mmHG
  • Uncontrolled angina
  • Acute psychiatric illness
  • Unstable heart failure
  • New or uncontrolled arrhythmias
  • Other rapidly progressing terminal illness
  • Experience significant drop in blood pressure during exercise
  • Uncontrolled resting tachycardia (>100BPM)
  • Febrile illness
  • Experience pain, dizziness or excessive breathlessness during exertion
  • Any other unstable/uncontrolled condition

For more information get in touch.

Call Kate on: 07875 584 383

Alternatively fill out the contact form below and Kate will be in touch.

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New – Bootcamp Bundles

Introducing the new… Bootcamp Bundle! Now on sale… a 6 x class bundle that allows you to book on a variety of classes, alongside Mum-to-Be and Mum & Baby Bootcamps.

I’m changing things up with my pre and post-natal bootcamps from February onwards, after the current courses… the change being that courses are being canned. Mum-to-Be and Mum & Baby Bootcamps will continue, same days and times… but they will be run as weekly classes, instead of 4-week courses. In which you can book sessions on a pay as you go basis or with a new bundle. Same vibe and ethos… to bring women together, to share the journey that is pregnancy and motherhood, but more flexibility and the option to mix it up a bit.

In the past I have been asked if there’s a pass to cover a range of classes when it comes to my pre and postnatal crew… as there’s nothing to stop you from coming to any of the classes I do. Specialising in this field, I’d always adapt exercises for you accordingly, whether you are pregnant or postnatal. Well… this is it!

There are two bundles available to purchase, both £30 with 6 x classes to use over a 6-week period.

Mum & Bump Bundle – for pregnant women to attend 6 x group exercise classes delivered by me. The bundle can be used across a variety of classes, including: Mum-to-Be Bootcamp, Mum & Baby Bootcamp, Buggy Bootcamp and Station 22 classes that are open to all.

Mum & Baby Bundle – for postnatal women to attend 6 x group exercise classes delivered by me. The bundle can be used across a variety of classes, including: Mum & Baby Bootcamp, Buggy Bootcamp and Station 22 classes that are open to all. 

With both bundles you must then book onto the classes you’d like to attend. Unlike courses, you are not automatically booked onto weekly sessions. Bookings for both the Mum-to-Be and Mum & Baby Bootcamp sessions can be booked 24hrs before a class. Bookings for Buggy Bootcamp and Station 22 classes can be booked further in advance. With all classes there is a 2hr cancellation policy, where you will be credited a class back. All classes have an attendance limit, so booking and bagging your spot is essential.

I would still encourage women to come to the pre and postnatal specific bootcamps, when you can. Creating those friendships is such a great thing. In all classes it’s as much about the social as it is the exercise… but feel free to mix it up too. These bundles give you the flexibility to use the class credits as you wish, doing more classes some weeks, missing others (which can and has been restrictive when doing weekly courses).

Click this link to find out more about the Station 22 classes you can attend with these bundles

Kate x

Any questions or queries, get in touch…

Call Kate on: 07875584383


Alternatively fill out the contact form below and she’ll be in touch.

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New Year… focus on consistency

New Year, new me… oh please!! Enough already… this was me for years (decades). I called December, ‘deathcember’, because I binged myself into oblivion, did dry January religiously (out of necessity!!), joined the gym and signed myself up to the latest detox and diet crazes… and after a few weeks threw the towel in, always!! Does this sound familiar to you?! If not the level of binging… the cycles, repeat patterns of behaviour, unsustainable extremes… with me it was week after week(end), every Monday I was ‘back on it’. Check out the collection of Facebook status memories…

This one year/detox… I was popping 15 pills a day for a week; 5 for breakfast, 5 for dinner and 5 for tea… eating no food… WTAF!?

When I look back on old me, there’s so much that I cannot believe that I was sucked in to. BUT… I know how easily it can be done. Most people want the quick fix, magic pills and potions that ‘marketing’ makes all the promises (and… I worked in marketing and fell hook, line and sinker!!).     

There is no quick fix!


Before you go making radical New Year’s resolutions – stop! Take a minute to think… and be realistic. Most resolutions are negative and restrictive.

Cutting out whole foods/groups, stopping this/that – no more chocolate, carbs, sweet treats, alcohol… whatever it is… January is a come-down enough. Switch up your mindset and look to add-in healthy, feel-good habits, that are going to boost your health and well-being.

Here’s 4 foundations to focus on (try to keep it simple)

  1. Nourish your body (and immune system)

Add-in nutrients, multi-coloured, homecooked, real foods… call time on the beige buffets, nightly cheese boards, fridge tapas and constant grazing 😉 revert back to pre-Christmas norms, and then look to make a few tweaks and changes, over time. Swapping sugary treats for healthier options, look at your portion sizes, don’t eat and over face yourself (like we’ve all been doing the last few weeks). Get in tune with your body (and gut) and see/feel how foods sit with you, eat when you are hungry. Keep a food diary to help you with this (this doesn’t necessarily mean counting calories), but it will help you to become more mindful, and build a picture of what you are consuming over the week.

2. Move more

Start where you are and build gradually. Lots of people go all in from the get-go and go from zero to exercising every day. It’s too much, too soon… or too much to maintain. So, you’re setting yourself up to fail, and will fall off the bandwagon. It’s about setting routines that fit with work and family life, that are achievable and sustainable. Think about what you want to do, what you enjoy doing, and start with a few sessions and build up from there. Be mindful of how much time you spend sitting and try to get those steps in… sit less, move more.  

3. Drink less alcohol (up the agua)

The prosecco poppin’ needs to be stopping! I recon there’s a fair few of us that could hold their hands up and admit that they’ve been using any excuse to pop a bottle over the festive season (I have, there’s been a fair few Bucks Fizz brunches). It’s not the norm. But habits can quickly become a norm. Just because you’ve bought or been gifted booze for Christmas, doesn’t mean it all has to be consumed in that timeframe. I’m telling myself this too. With boozing comes snacking and overeating (generally speaking). Reduce the amount you’re consuming and then consider how often you drink in a week normally. Could this be reduced to give your health, physical and mental well-being a boost?

Up the agua… why?

  • Healthier skin, teeth and bones.
  • Healthier joints – water keeps cartilage around our joints hydrated and supple.
  • Improved digestion – water helps to dissolve fats and soluble fibre, flushing waste products.
  • Increased metabolism – water boosts our bodies’ ability to burn fat.
  • Increased energy – water increases ability to concentrate and reduces fatigue.

4. Sleep and rest

Sleep is life… literally. The body is set to a 24-hour clock, the internal biological clock being fundamental to the survival of all living organisms (so pretty important). It influences hormone secretion, urine production, regulates body temperature and blood pressure. Too little sleep causes drowsiness, inability to concentrate, reduced productivity and performance. In the long-term sleep deprivation has been linked to premature ageing (no one is about that), digestive disturbances, psychological problems, behavioural disturbances and a host of chronic diseases including obesity, diabetes and heart diseases (ref NSF). A good sleep routine should be high up on your priorities.

If anyone struggles with sleeping, I highly recommend meditating. I listen to a guided meditation most nights before bed and fall into a coma. Not only that, I wake up in a calm/zen state. When I don’t meditate, I wake up in a state of anxiety more often than not. This YouTube channel is my go-to:   

Love yourself… look after yourself, your health. Protect your energy and enhance your life quality.  

It’s not about creating a new version of you. Break unhealthy cycles and behaviours. Create balance and focus on consistency, long-term. Quick fixes and extremes feed the negative cycles. Trust me!

Change your narrative…

Stop, lose, cut-out,   

Start, gain, add-in!

Kate x

Feel-good Feb!

Time to focus on the feel-good folks… as the Covid calamity continues, times are getting tougher for most. Every lockdown has hit us harder; the unknowns, uncertainty, lack of an end date in sight… is creating a lot of stress and upset for people. We’ve all had ENOUGH of groundhog day, lack of interaction and physical human contact, closeness, touch.  

Motivation and mood are low… as I said in a social media post earlier this week, these are the times when we really need to dig-deep, motion over mind and matter! Exercise and movement are CRUCIAL right now, the spiral that is starting will get out of control if you/we stop moving, and it can be so hard to stop and get out of that spiral once it starts… you have to go through the motions of getting gym kit on, wrap up warm as you head out the door, get your exercise done. Even when that voice inside your head is screaming NOOOOOO! Focus on the feel-good. Forget scales, numbers, calorie counting, aesthetics; these things are only going to add to stresses and obsessions. No one needs any additional stress right now. Everything you do/consume, ask yourself how it made you feel… Do more of the good stuff, less of the bad. A simple way to think and focus.

When it comes to exercise… start wherever you are at and build on that. Try to do a bit more each week. Do the things you enjoy… and remember that the more you do, the more you improve, fitness, strength, confidence. Everyone is a newbie in the beginning, keep practising, going…

Mind & Body Bingo

I’ve put together a Mind & Body Bingo sheet as a bit of a motivational focus and challenge to do throughout the month, for health and well-being, and the feel-good. That includes some exercise challenges and some self-love ones too. No set order to complete them, just work your way through… Something you can print off and put on the fridge as your own homework, alongside the homeschooling 😉 (you can get the family involved in lots of these challenges and tasks too).

Some of the ones I really suggest trying to get into is the meditation and relaxation before bed (or whenever is good for you). That relaxation and focus on breathing is amazing for the mind and body, to de-stress, enrich the organs and calm emotions. I got out of this for a while, but I’ve got back into the habit (doing this daily) and it’s really helping me. It’s crazy/amazing what breathing (properly/deeply) can do – wonders! There’s lots of guided meditations on YouTube, apps, sleep stories etc. Listen to/try different ones and see what you connect with. I listen to the same one over and over. I’ve listened to it so much now that I could recite it… and I fall into a coma as it plays through, here’s a link: guided meditation. Also, the writing of a letter, as a friend offering advice of how to get through these times… and give it to yourself (keep re-reading it). We’re always so good to give out advice, but fail to take our own and our own is often the best…

Feel-good Feb class pass…

I’ve extended the 10% discount offer on my monthly class pass too… for the classes I offer at Station 22 (which are for the time on Zoom). There’s a good mix of strength and cardio based classes, all levels welcome (I always give modifications for exercises). If you’re in need of the motivation, I will give you that boost! I do my best to bring that class/studio vibe on screen… you get a sweat on as you hear my scream on screen! 😊 The monthly class membership is a bargain at the best of times for £26 unlimited… get 10% with code below.   

Use discount code: FeelGoodFeb when you purchase the monthly pass on the GymCatch app.   

Click here to view Brooks Fitness page on the GymCatch app 

Facebook fitness fam…

I’m also delivering online classes with a good friend and fellow PT, Vicki. We’ve set up a Facebook group – Fitness Online with Kate & Vicki, where we deliver lots of live classes every week, a mega mix of strength and cardio, as we’re both experienced and qualified in different things. It’s £5 per week or £15 per month to get involved in the group… you can join us on live classes or scroll back through or timeline and do them in your own time (months’ worth of classes to go back through!).

 Classes differ each week, keep it varied and interesting… there’s a real community vibe amongst our tribe!

Click this link to join our group     

PT in the park…

I am delivering 1-2-1 personal training in the community (Bury, Ramsbottom and Rossendale), in-line with Covid guidelines, outdoors in public parks. PT services I offer are for women only, all ages and abilities, including my specialist area in pre and post-natal exercise. If you’d like more info about PT services, how I can support you and costs for sessions and blocks… get in touch!

Any questions about classes, PT and passes… get in touch. I am happy to help and advise however I can.

Keep moving, keep talking, focus on the feel-good this February…   

Kate x

Christmas wish list… get your gift vouchers

Give the gift of fitness this Christmas… with just under 2 weeks to go till Christmas, have you got your pressies wrapped up? And… have you dropped enough hints about what you’d like yourself? 😉

If you’re stuck for ideas on what to get loved ones (and yourself)… why not purchase a gift voucher for PT and/or classes… a gift that gives back with those gains!

There’s been so much out of our control this year, that we need to focus on the things that are in our control as best we can… and a main priority for everyone has got to be health and fitness. What this year (Covid) has taught us all, is that health is wealth… and come the New Year it’s my thought that there’s set to be an even bigger shift in motivation and mindset to get active, live well and be healthy (healthier), and so there should be.

A gift voucher can be purchased for any amount… paying for or towards classes and PT and is valid for 6 months.  

Here’s a few suggestions… and I’ve even numbered them too (so if you do want to drop a totally non-subtle hint, just send over this web link with the number that takes your fancy).  

1. A monthly pass or PAYG for classes at Station 22 – £26 month pass / £6 x 45 min class / £4 x 30 min class

Unlimited classes with the pass includes: Barbells, Kettlebells, Legs, Bums & Tums, HardCore HiiTBlast and more… taking place online whilst we’re in tier 3… but we’ll be back in the studio smashing it in no time baby! You can purchase a monthly unlimited pass or a payg session. With Kate

2. Mum-to-Be and/or Mum & Baby Bootcamp block – £26 4-week course / £8 pay per session

Mum-to-Be Bootcamp takes place on a Sunday at 9am. Mum & Baby Bootcamp takes place on a Tuesday at 11.30am and Thursday at 10.30am each week. These classes are delivered in the studio at Station 22. You can purchase a 4-week course or a session (PAYG sessions can be booked the day before classes, if there’s space on a course). With Kate

3. Buggy Bootcamp – £36 4-week unlimited pass / £6 pay per session
Buggy Bootcamp takes place at Stubbylee Park in Bacup on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s, 11am-12pm. You can purchase a 4-week unlimited pass or a session. With Kate

4. Personal Training – 30 min or 1 hour sessions, per session or buy a block

PT sessions are available with Kate at Station 22 and on a mobile basis. PT sessions with Ruth are available on a mobile basis. Sessions cost £15 x 30 mins and £30 x 1 hour sessions. Discounts available on 1 hour block bookings: £120 x 4 sessions, £170 x 6 sessions (saving £10), £220 x 8 sessions (saving £20), £270 x 10 sessions (saving £30), £310 x 12 sessions (saving £50).    

PT services / clients we work with: areas Kate specialises in includes pre and post natal exercise and female specific training. Ruth specialises in GP referral (working with clients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and other conditions), cancer rehab and female specific training.

For more information on all of the above and to purchase a gift voucher get in touch… Christmas sorted!


All classes and PT are being delivered in-line with Covid-19 Guidelines.

Prior to taking part in any class or PT session you MUST complete an online Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) & Informed Consent form. Click this link to view and complete the online PAR-Q        

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