Feel-good Feb!

Time to focus on the feel-good folks… as the Covid calamity continues, times are getting tougher for most. Every lockdown has hit us harder; the unknowns, uncertainty, lack of an end date in sight… is creating a lot of stress and upset for people. We’ve all had ENOUGH of groundhog day, lack of interaction and physical human contact, closeness, touch.  

Motivation and mood are low… as I said in a social media post earlier this week, these are the times when we really need to dig-deep, motion over mind and matter! Exercise and movement are CRUCIAL right now, the spiral that is starting will get out of control if you/we stop moving, and it can be so hard to stop and get out of that spiral once it starts… you have to go through the motions of getting gym kit on, wrap up warm as you head out the door, get your exercise done. Even when that voice inside your head is screaming NOOOOOO! Focus on the feel-good. Forget scales, numbers, calorie counting, aesthetics; these things are only going to add to stresses and obsessions. No one needs any additional stress right now. Everything you do/consume, ask yourself how it made you feel… Do more of the good stuff, less of the bad. A simple way to think and focus.

When it comes to exercise… start wherever you are at and build on that. Try to do a bit more each week. Do the things you enjoy… and remember that the more you do, the more you improve, fitness, strength, confidence. Everyone is a newbie in the beginning, keep practising, going…

Mind & Body Bingo

I’ve put together a Mind & Body Bingo sheet as a bit of a motivational focus and challenge to do throughout the month, for health and well-being, and the feel-good. That includes some exercise challenges and some self-love ones too. No set order to complete them, just work your way through… Something you can print off and put on the fridge as your own homework, alongside the homeschooling 😉 (you can get the family involved in lots of these challenges and tasks too).

Some of the ones I really suggest trying to get into is the meditation and relaxation before bed (or whenever is good for you). That relaxation and focus on breathing is amazing for the mind and body, to de-stress, enrich the organs and calm emotions. I got out of this for a while, but I’ve got back into the habit (doing this daily) and it’s really helping me. It’s crazy/amazing what breathing (properly/deeply) can do – wonders! There’s lots of guided meditations on YouTube, apps, sleep stories etc. Listen to/try different ones and see what you connect with. I listen to the same one over and over. I’ve listened to it so much now that I could recite it… and I fall into a coma as it plays through, here’s a link: guided meditation. Also, the writing of a letter, as a friend offering advice of how to get through these times… and give it to yourself (keep re-reading it). We’re always so good to give out advice, but fail to take our own and our own is often the best…

Feel-good Feb class pass…

I’ve extended the 10% discount offer on my monthly class pass too… for the classes I offer at Station 22 (which are for the time on Zoom). There’s a good mix of strength and cardio based classes, all levels welcome (I always give modifications for exercises). If you’re in need of the motivation, I will give you that boost! I do my best to bring that class/studio vibe on screen… you get a sweat on as you hear my scream on screen! 😊 The monthly class membership is a bargain at the best of times for £26 unlimited… get 10% with code below.   

Use discount code: FeelGoodFeb when you purchase the monthly pass on the GymCatch app.   

Click here to view Brooks Fitness page on the GymCatch app 

Facebook fitness fam…

I’m also delivering online classes with a good friend and fellow PT, Vicki. We’ve set up a Facebook group – Fitness Online with Kate & Vicki, where we deliver lots of live classes every week, a mega mix of strength and cardio, as we’re both experienced and qualified in different things. It’s £5 per week or £15 per month to get involved in the group… you can join us on live classes or scroll back through or timeline and do them in your own time (months’ worth of classes to go back through!).

 Classes differ each week, keep it varied and interesting… there’s a real community vibe amongst our tribe!

Click this link to join our group     

PT in the park…

I am delivering 1-2-1 personal training in the community (Bury, Ramsbottom and Rossendale), in-line with Covid guidelines, outdoors in public parks. PT services I offer are for women only, all ages and abilities, including my specialist area in pre and post-natal exercise. If you’d like more info about PT services, how I can support you and costs for sessions and blocks… get in touch!

Any questions about classes, PT and passes… get in touch. I am happy to help and advise however I can.

Keep moving, keep talking, focus on the feel-good this February…   

Kate x

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