Kate’s 2.6 for Tommy’s

Tommy's pic 300 pixThousands of people up and down the country have been taking on the #TwoPointSixChallenge, organised by the London Marathon to help charities through these tough times. A challenge that anyone and everyone can get involved with, and come up with a challenge to do on your own or as a family / collective (following government guidelines that is…), based around the numbers 26 or 2.6, and complete it on or from 26 April. There have already been thousands of challenges completed, some of epic scales and some small… all equally awesome in their own right.

Now I’m no marathon runner… you’ll never see me on the start line (although I did enter the ballot one year whilst under the influence of copious amounts of gin… luckily, I didn’t get in 😉). I’m more of a 10km girl (that’s a marathon to me). I’ve been racking my brains as to what I could do… and for who!? And my idea is… to host a live workout on my main business Facebook page @BrooksFitnessPT, this coming Friday 1 May for the charity Tommy’s. A workout consisting of 26 exercises/moves in 26 minutes, that’s suitable for pre and post-natal women (that being an area I specialise in), and anyone else that wants to get involved; women, men, kids and pets… everyone has been getting-in on online classes I’ve been instructing over the last few weeks 😊 and ask that people taking part donate £2.60 or whatever they feel they can… as every penny counts and makes such a difference, even more so now.

Now the toughest part of this challenge for me, will be keeping it to 26 minutes! Everyone who knows me and comes to my classes, knows how much I talk… and with the exercises there will be lots of multiple moves included to get the 26 in. All exercises suitable for all levels, as I’ll give modifications and options to progress/regress throughout (without talking too much).

Tommy's blossom 300 pix

Why I chose Tommy’s? Tommy’s is a charity that funds research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth; with 1 in 4 women losing a baby during pregnancy or birth. I am one of those women who have had a miscarriage, my mum had still born twins when I was 12, my twin sisters, Faith and Sian, and many many of my close friends, women that come to my classes and that I PT have experienced losses too; miscarriage, multiple miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies and still birth. Sadly, it is so common, and this is something that Tommy’s are working to change; their target being to halve the number of babies that die during pregnancy or birth by 2030.

I wrote and shared a #blog about my miscarriage a while ago – please do feel free to have a read.

Losing a baby at any stage after a positive pregnancy test is utterly shattering, there isn’t a word big enough in the English language to cover it. The work Tommy’s do and the various support channels, networks and groups they have are vital; a lifeline, give hope. They have been a big support to me as part of my healing journey. They are now in desperate need of our support to continue their great work. Do get involved in this challenge if you can; feel good with a workout and an endorphin hit and do good! 😊

The details…  

26 exercises in 26 minutes.

Day / Date: Friday 1 May

Time: 3pm – clock-off early or set up some scheduled emails (we’ve all done that 😉), so you can get involved. The live ‘should’ be available on our page after the session too, so you can do it in your own time… I say should… there have been a few technical issues with these lives, so fingers crossed it all goes to plan.

Kit you need: dumbbells, kettlebells, tins, bottles… things you can use from around the house. In classes I’ve had people using bottles of booze, fabric conditioner, weed killer… we’ve had the lot! Get creative… as well as a mat or towel to use for floor work.

Donation: £2.60 or whatever you feel you can, every penny counts. I’ve set-up a JustGiving page for the challenge, here’s the link: bit.ly/KatesJustGivingForTommys

Where: your home, your garden… wherever you’ve got a bit of space and internet. This session will be a Facebook live from our main Facebook page: Brooks Fitness.

Who: anyone and everyone can get involved in this workout – pregnant women (as long as you’re not suffering from any contraindications that would mean exercise is not advised), postnatal women (as long as you have been signed-off and given the OK to exercise, which usually happens between 6-12 weeks), all other women, men, kids, pets… I’ll give lots of modifications, you work within your abilities. All about common sense in these times… don’t overdo do it and risk injury if you’re not experienced. Equally, if you are experienced and want to increase intensity use heavier weights, work at a faster pace… Have a read of our PAR-Q (health questionnaire) before taking part and if you’ve any questions, queries or concerns get in touch with me to discuss:

Email: hello@brooks-fitness.co.uk or send me a message on social media.

I hope you can join me on Friday.

Stay active, stay safe, stay strong…

Kate x

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