Pre & Post Natal Bootcamp FAQ’s

I’ve been asked a fair few questions about my pre and post natal bootcamps over the last year… so I thought I’d write an FAQ blog to answer some of the most frequently asked questions…

If you have a question that I haven’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to ask… there’s no such thing as a daft question! Ask away…

Prenatal – Mum-to-Be Bootcamp

Is it OK to exercise when pregnant?

A massive YES… so long as you don’t have any complications/contraindications (haemodynamically significant heart disease, restrictive lung disease, incompetent cervix, multiple gestation, persistent bleeding, placenta previa (after 26 weeks), premature labour, ruptured membranes, pregnancy induced hypertension or pre-eclampsia), and most importantly you feel up to it – then exercise is A-OK! More than OK… it’s so beneficial for you and baby. Staying strong and active through pregnancy can help reduce the associated aches and pains (hips/back), helps you to stay strong physically and mentally, gives you an energy boost (as tired as you feel, you will feel energised and empowered after a workout – endorphins are literally amazing!), you’ll be strong for labour (you need energy and strength for that marathon you’re going to endure), you’ll recover from labour quicker/better, generally speaking, (the fitter, stronger, more active you are, the quicker you recover from most things your body is put through). If I had a £1 for every time a mum said she wished she’d trained through pregnancy or will be doing for the next… I would be very wealthy! 😉

When can I start classes?

After your 12-week scan, as before you begin there is a form that must be completed by yourself and signed by your GP or midwife to give the OK to exercise. I’ll email over forms once you get in touch to say you’d like to take part.

Are all women at the same stage of pregnancy in classes?

No… not always, women are at different stages and that is OK, nice in lots of ways. So that you can share the journey, your experiences and support each other throughout. All exercises can be/are modified and adapted for your stage and ability.

I haven’t exercised in a while; will I be able to do it?

Yes… no question or doubts about it… all exercises are modifiable; I always offer variations and adaptions to make exercises easier or harder. Everyone works within their own comfort levels and abilities. I demonstrate all exercises and give technique pointers and tips throughout (a lot… you’ll hear me talk about posture and engaging core non-stop 😊).

Bootcamp sounds intense… are classes military style?

Not at all, there’s no crawling around army style or shouting of orders from me. No high-impact or fast paced, which isn’t suitable for pregnancy. These sessions focus on strength predominantly, using a variety of different equipment, weights and body weight; all of which can be adapted for all abilities, with different weights/exercises etc. We focus on building/maintaining strength through the posterior chain (muscles at the back of the body), core and pelvic floor. You get a good workout, that is completely appropriate for pregnancy.

What do I need to bring / wear to classes?

Comfortable and suitable exercise/gym wear and trainers – there are some great brands that do maternity gym wear, equally supermarket kit is blummin good… ask many people and they will tell you I am Tesco’s biggest fan at the minute 😊. Bring a towel and water bottle with you to class, to ensure you stay hydrated (I go on about drinking plenty of water a lot too!).

Postnatal – Mum & Baby / Buggy Bootcamps

What age and post natal stage are classes suitable for?

  • Mum & Baby Bootcamp – for mums with babies aged 6 weeks+ (once you’ve been signed off and given the OK to exercise).
  • Buggy Bootcamp – for mums/dads/grandparents/carers anyone with babies aged 6 weeks+ (once you’ve been signed off and given the OK to exercise). This is an  outdoor sessions with your wee-ones in buggies or baby carriers.

How soon after having baby can I exercise and join classes?  

When you have been signed off by your GP or midwife, this is usually around 6-12 weeks depending on whether you had a normal or C-section delivery, and if you had any complications. Most importantly however, it’s when you feel up to it… don’t put pressure on yourself or start too soon.

I’m so unfit; I’m going to wait until I get fitter or lose weight to join classes?

This is something I have heard a million times, and not just from new mums, but from so many people that want to start exercising or going to the gym. There truly is no need for this or to think this way. Every exercise can be modified for all abilities and fitness levels, equally there is zero pressure in class, not from me or anyone else in there. It’s a supportive and totally relaxed environment. Everyone there is focused on their own workout. All shapes, sizes, abilities, fitness and experience levels… all of my classes are an easy-going, informal, no pressure atmosphere. Take a minute and rest as and when you need to, work at your own pace, focus on you – always!

What shall I bring with me to class?

The kitchen sink… everything and anything you need for you and baby. Water bottle and towel for you; toys, drinks, snacks (to use as bribes for wee-ones 😉). I lay out mats for babies to lie / play on, but by all means you can bring play mats too. Some mums also bring Bumbo seats to sit babies up and others leave babies in prams and car seats. Bring whatever you feel you’ll need, always better to over prepare, fill the boot and then you’ve got all scenarios covered.

What happens if my wee-one cries / kicks-off 😉 in class?

It’s highly likely that this will happen, all mums experience a meltdown… either in the first session, few sessions or at some point – it’s completely fine, nothing to worry or stress about! I’m there to help too, when I’m not demonstrating exercises, I’m entertaining / cuddling babies and toddlers, so that you can get a workout. If you need to take five to comfort or feed baby, that’s fine too. We go with the flow and make it work… believe me when I say it is a relaxed and supportive atmosphere, all other mums muck-in too and share the snacks (best baby bribes).

Buggy Bootcamp specific FAQ’s

What happens if/when it rains?

If it is a bit drizzly, we will do the workout outside; it’s so nice being outside in the fresh air and greenery, amazing for well-being, mind and body. If it is torrential, we try to take the session inside / undercover if venue / space is available. If it was ever beyond torrential, Kate will cancel the session and give as much notice as possible.

Do I need a special type of pram/buggy?

No, any pram/buggy is fine to use. We don’t run with them and so any is fine to use. There are paths all around the park and we only go on the grass when it’s dry. Just bring a rain cover and layers/blankets for babies, so that they are snug whatever the weather.

What do I need to bring / wear to exercise outside?  

Wear comfortable exercise clothes, light/warm layers that you can add/remove as and when you need to, a waterproof in case it rains, sunglasses (because the weather changes at the drop of a hat), suitable/comfortable trainers for outdoor use.

What facilities are there at the park?

The facilities and setting are fab, which is why I went for and love this location!

I can’t stress enough how relaxed all of my classes are… I’m easy-going, friendly and try my best to make classes enjoyable and fun. There’s no pressure in any class, you work within your own abilities and we just go with the flow. All exercises are suitable for pre or post natal stage, and all exercises are modifiable for ability – you CAN do it and we always make it work. I encourage the social aspect too; classes are as much about meeting other pregnant women and new mums to share the journey and make friends as they are the exercise. We have a closed Bootcamp social Facebook group for organising nights and group trips out (minus babies and exercise gear).

If you have any questions that I haven’t answered here, please do get in touch and ask away…

Kate x

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