Summer’s here… wahoo! Hands up who’s off on their jollies soon? We are!! 😊

Holidays are a time to switch-off, relax (as much as you can if you have kids 😉) and go off-grid! But how off-grid will you go… when you always have your phone to hand?

We live in a world where our world is now in the palm of our hands, we can do pretty much everything at the touch of a button! As you put your out of office on and that smirky-smile appears across your face as you skip out the door… consider having a total digital detox for a wee while too.

Here’s 3 reasons why…

Disconnect to reconnect

Reconnect with the real world; interactions with people, friends, family, in-person are priceless! We are so obsessed with capturing the action on camera and sharing for the masses to see and for our own online memories, that we are only really focussed on ourselves, our social media pages, the perfect post, pic for the gram (taking a hundred pics for the perfect shot), to show our best bits!

I’m not implying social is all bad, it has its benefits for sure… I’m sharing this piece on my business page and it is great for that reason… but as the saying goes the best moments don’t make it to social media. Make memories and then tell people in person about them. Remember the days of the disposable camera, the best bit was not knowing what the hell you had captured on film until you got them printed, and what a laugh it was looking through them… worst shots ever, no filters, funny! Take your snaps and go with the first one… don’t feel pressure to share all, with all, in an instant.

Ease anxiety and RELAX

Ease off the emails… get out of work and everyday life mode for a while, it’ll do you wonders. Because we can do work and life from anywhere (all times of day), do we ever really switch off? So many communications channels to check a hundred times a day and no real reason to not reply… but there is… you are on holiday, you have got away to get some all-important downtime… so down ALL the tools and kick-back and truly RELAX! Put your ‘out of office’ on ALL channels! Read a book, build a sandcastle, enjoy a cocktail or two… let the ocean breeze put your mind at ease! 😊

Feel the freedom – be present 

The fomo factor has got a grip on us all… we don’t want to miss a thing, people are posting on multiple channels, multiple times per day and we want to be up-to-speed with it all! We know everything about everyone on social media, don’t we? The highlights that people want us to see anyways… we feel like we have to post, share and be part of the social scene to be in the know, to be connected, socially. It’s tiring trying to keep up… keep up with everything that is going on with everyone else, posting everything that’s going on with ourselves… so many channels to share and see, so many times per day… so stressful! Be free…

peace out 350 pix

PEACE OUT! You’ll hear from us in a week…

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