New year – fresh start, new opportunities, endless possibilities, drive and determination, move forwards, focus… Let’s can the whole notion of ‘New Year’s resolutions’ and ‘New Year, new you’, because mostly they are negative i.e. stop this, give-up that… negative! And as far as new you is concerned, you’ll always be you! So why not focus on adding positive things into your life, healthy habits, setting yourself goals, and make yourself feel good AWESOME when you smash those goals!

Have a think about the things you want to do and achieve; in your personal life, work life, to improve your health and well-being. Write them down, the list might be as long as your arm… chop it down and organise it into a realistic time frame, things you can start and achieve straight away, within a week, month, year, even 5 years… make a plan. Having dreams and aspirations is a good thing, dreams can and do come true… just be realistic with what you can achieve, by when and how, break a goal down, what are the steps you need to take to achieve it. Don’t set yourself up for a fail or fall before you’ve even begun.

Start now, start next week, next month… don’t feel like you have to have your year planned out before the clock strikes 12pm on New Year’s Eve… give yourself time to contemplate and consider what you really want to achieve in 2019. It’s OK just to have one goal too… smash that and then focus on the next.

Here’s a few do’s & don’ts to consider…


Things YOU want to do. Don’t get caught up in other people’s goals, what is it that YOU want to achieve? FOCUS on you!

Break a goal down. How are you going to achieve it? What are the steps you need to take? Breaking something down makes it more manageable / doable.

Celebrate every tiny victory. You might have only lost 1lb this week and you wanted to lose 3lbs, the fact is you lost weight (and 1lb a week is what’s recommended). You might have managed to complete an additional set, run another mile, lifted a heavier weight, whatever your victory give yourself a pat on the back – well bloody done!


Set the bar too high. You can achieve anything you put your mind to… but be realistic! If you set yourself up for a fall, you’ll throw the towel in. This is often the case, and people quit their goals only a few weeks into the New Year.

Do too much too soon. Study your list and pick one, two, three goals to focus on, depending on how big they are. Go all in, but on a few things at a time.

Give up! When the going gets tough, take a break, pause, reflect, refine and then carry on. It’s OK to tweak your goals, change timescales, move the goal posts. Just don’t quit… you CAN do it Brucey!

Set goals… and CRUSH them!

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