It’s December… how is it December already!? With 24 sleeps to go, the Christmas countdown is on and festivities are in full swing… it’s time to let your hair down, have festive fun with family and friends and attend a whole host of Christmas parties… Hands up if you’ve got a weekend (or week night for that matter) free??

You’re going to put on a few pounds over Christmas, we all are! Don’t over stress it! However, do what you can to ‘minimise’ any weight gain and maintain physical activity levels as much as possible. It’ll make the fight back to full fitness less of a slog, and if you continue to exercise throughout you can have that extra mince pie or two… Think of it as damage limitation!

Here’s 5 top tips to minimise festive flab…

  • Grab a workout where you can – don’t stop! Don’t let yourself get into the mentality that you’ll get back into it after Christmas and let all your hard work throughout the year go to waste. Tone it down, frequency/time, think minimum time/maximum effort. Add workouts to your ever-expending social diary, schedule it in and get it done – at home, on your lunch break, before work! We’ll be dishing out some festive fitspiration over on our Facebook page, with ’12 days of Fitmas’ exercise routines you could (should) do! Check out our page Facebook.com/BrooksFitnessPT and give it the thumbs up if you haven’t already! 😊


  • Easy on the chocolate treats – easy to say, bloody tough to do… it’s everywhere! Advent calendars, boxes (on boxes) of chocolates in work, tubs of Quality Street everywhere you go on 2-4-1 at the end of every aisle in supermarkets. If the chocolates weren’t enough, then there’s the boxes of biscuits to contend with too… you need will power of steel to resist! Limit yourself to two or three here and there, it’s all too easy to grab a handful and mindlessly devour one after the other, before you know it you’ve turned into Augustus Gloop and devoured them all! Why not have a go at making your own tasty treats, like protein balls, that can fuel you for longer and are great for snacking on the go. Check out these recipes on Women’s Health website. You could even store them in a Quality Street tub, so it feels like you’re digging in to chocolate treats 😉


  • Drink gin! Yes, you did just read that right… drink gin! You’re going to lots of parties, drinking lots of booze… that’s a lot of empty calories you’re going to consume (calories that have no nutritional value). So, plan your poison and stick with a clear spirit, like gin or vodka, that isn’t as calorific as something like larger or cider. Drink it with tonic or soda and stick with the same drink all night… the dreaded next day in the office, with the hangover from hell won’t be as bad that way too!


  • Drink more water – I go on about this all of the time… water is life! Drink water in-between your alcoholic drinks, and drink plenty throughout the day, between 2-4 litres. There’s so many benefits to drinking water; increased energy, healthier skin (you want to look glam and glow at these parties), teeth and bones, increased metabolism and improved digestion, to name a few! Next time you think you’re hungry, try drinking a glass of water, it may just be that you’re dehydrated and mistaking it for hunger. I’ve written a separate blog about the importance of drinking water, you can read more here.


  • Plan as much as you can – If you’re out for a Christmas lunch and get to see a menu beforehand, choose healthier options such as turkey (minus the skin) and veg, a great source of lean protein! Choose a healthier starter, such as a fish dish and go easy on the dessert – do you really need one? Have you had a healthy handful of Quality Street already that day?? Be honest!

When it comes to the Christmas food shop, write a shopping list and stick to it as much as you can. Don’t be sucked in to the 2-4-1 Quality Street and chocolate treat offers. Also, never go shopping hungry… you’ll go wild with all that temptation. Play supermarket sweep, in/round/out – done! The faster you go the more calories you burn! You’ll save yourself a small fortune too!

If you have lots of social events in the week, plan meals around them. Try to have healthier home-cooked dishes prepped in advance, fill your freezer. Often, it’s the dirty, salty, greasy food you crave and eat on a hangover that leaves you feeling the most bloated and bleurgh!

Forget the ‘New Year, New You’ fad and start your fitness mission now, invest in yourself this Christmas, your health! Find out more about our PT and Group PT packages, great discounts available on block bookings. Give us a call or drop us an email to arrange a free consultation.

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