One run can change your day, many runs will change your life!

I started running around 3 years ago… I went for my first run around my local park I managed 3 laps! Although I was generally physically fit in a gym environment it was enough to start off with. I was tired, it was hard!

I needed to build up my endurance so when I had a bit of spare time I got my trainers on and off I went down to the park, always pushing for that extra lap. It didn’t take long for me to catch the running bug… I started to run a bit further and run different routes, and soon found out how amazing it was to be outdoors on foot. I’ve lived in Ramsbottom all my life and there was so much of this little village (and surrounding areas) that I had missed! Every run I was seeing something I hadn’t noticed before, and couldn’t wait to get out on my next run.

Being a busy mum of 2 boys not every run is the same, sometimes I have time to do a long run, sometimes it’s a short run I squeeze in, and sometimes I’m too tired running around after them, taking them to all the activities they do!

Here’s my top running tips…

  • Download a running app such as Runkeeper / MyFitnessPal – this will help you track your running and progression.
  • Get a running buddy – to motivate and encourage each other!
  • Invest in good running trainers – comfort is key, your feet need to be supported.
  • Train other aspects of fitness don’t neglect other exercises – strength training, flexibility and core strength are all important for running.
  • Educate yourself about running, general fitness and good nutrition (education is the key to change).
  • Decide how long, how far, and where to run – its good to plan your route, start off in familiar places, here are a few distances for you:

5k = 3.1 miles
10k = 6.2 miles
21k = 13.1 miles (half marathon)
42k = 26 miles (marathon)

  • Think about your clothing – layers you can add or remove depending on the weather, gloves, ear warmers, hat as winter sets in, fluorescent colours in dark hours.
  • Stay hydrated –  if you don’t like running with a drink be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day before and after your run.

Research shows that running develops new brain cells, improves and enhances your memory –  brilliant for those mums with baby brain… I still use this excuse even though my boys are 9 and 6! 😉

I hope these tips help to get you started! Your first few runs will be hard, but if your persevere it will get easier, you will go further and will get faster, and I promise you, you’ll love it, you time – bliss!

We’re going to be holding a monthly group run for women to come together, run together, feel safe and supported. Our first run is taking place on Saturday 10 November, 9am-10am. It’ll be £2 per person to take part, and we’ll do a combination of running/jogging, body weight exercises and running drills. All abilities and experience levels welcome, no one will get left behind! Head over to our Facebook page to find out more, and join the fun!

Looking forward to seeing you lovely ladies on our monthly runs! Get in touch if you want personal training, and any tips and information on getting started with your running.

Ruth x

Call Ruth on: 07891092893

Email us: hello@brooks-fitness.co.uk

Alternatively fill out the contact form below and we’ll be in touch.

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